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As long as we abide by certain rules of inspection, we can continue surveying properties without inconvenience

Signature Surveyors are using a method of surveying safely that enables us to carry on with inspections as long as owners and occupiers can follow our checklist. A copy of our covid-19 inspection policy can be found here

We all know that the principal causes of infection are contaminated surfaces and proximity to others, so let’s manage those aspects effectively whilst getting on with the tasks required. Key aspects that we have identified include:

  1. Pre-arranging the bundling of relevant documents to be reviewed, including, where available, floor plans, construction information, DECs/EPCs, reports and certificates. Ideally setting up a data room or SharePoint type site of this information digitally will be of use for all and in the future
  2. Agreeing security arrangements and access to restricted areas in advance
  3. Unlocking doors and windows just before the inspection. This particularly applies to plant rooms and ancillary areas
  4. Ventilation of spaces – this is often overlooked but where there may be someone present in the property, good airing of the spaces to be visited are key to keeping the risk of infection low
  5. Handing over keys and other access equipment – place in an envelope for the surveyor to pick up
  6. Naturally respecting the 2m distance rule, which occasionally is unfortunately forgotten
  7. Wearing appropriate PPE. Clean gloves will be worn by the surveyor

All in all, if the people who are in physical proximity to each other wear PPE and abide by the above, an inspection can be facilitated without fear of infection

The above does not cover building work in properties, which will be a forthcoming separate post. If you need any further advice in this regard, the RICS’s information for operations is useful and can be found here

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